Monday, August 2, 2010

Jeff Deslauriers and Oklahoma City Barons Goaltending

Such a familiar sight for Oilers fans, I'm willing to bet that shot went high on him too. Sadly, Tambi has no idea what will happen with Rehabi yet so he had to sign Jeff Drouin- Deslauriers to a one year $1.05 million dollar contract. 

What this could mean?

Well according to Capgeek Deslauriers is a UFA after this season, which means that either this is his last chance to show what he can do, or that management plans on letting him walk come July 1, 2011. I would guess the latter with Devan Dubnyk signed for another year after this upcoming one. There is much speculation by other bloggers and fans alike that JDD either gets moved when the first goaltending casualty comes in the league this year, said team that suffered such casualty probably comes calling, or he gets sent down to OKC.

If he does head to OKC?

If he does end up in OKC it gives the Barons a good veteran goalie to help them to the playoffs. But chances are he won't end up there until Novemberish,  assuming he clears waivers. What the Oilers should do is sign that Benjamin Conz guy. Yes, the same one who single handedly defeated Russia at the WJC's. I was shocked that he was not drafted this year, and if I am Tambi I sign the kid and bring him over for OKC. His numbers were not bad in the Swiss A league last year(3.20 GAA and a .908 SV%) meaning the guy can probably stop a puck or two. If the Oilers are in a true rebuild, then having Dubnyk, Bunz and Roy in your system can't be all that bad, can it? 

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