The Commandments of Thy Lord Eberle

1. Thou shalt not question the skill of the Lord, Eberle.
2. If thou recieves a sexy pass from the Lord Eberle, please score.
3. Thou shalt bow down to the Lord Eberle, and cheer on his greatness, even if Lord Eberle is on the opposing team.
4. Thou shalt not have any hockey gods before Eberle
5. Thou shalt mention Lord Eberle, in as many ways possible, through out the day.
6. By following in the word of Eberle, he who shoots, truly scores
7. Thou shalt spread the good news, and video footage, of the Lord Eberle
8. Thou shalt defend Lord Eberle at all times.
9. Thou shalt remember the word of the lord: with five seconds left, destiny panics
10. Thou shalt keep team canada game days holy
11. Thou shalt praise the lord, when in the holy vicinity, of a hockey arena
12. Thou shalt honour the Lord on the 14th day of every month
13. Thou shalt never change views in Eberleism
14. Thou shall remember that everyone is human, and makes mistakes. Except Eberle.