Monday, June 20, 2011


Since the day that Smyth was traded Oilers fans across the land have hoped for a return of the fan favorite and today it was reported that Smyth wants to come home.Of course there has to be a catch. That same article says that the Oilers aren't sold on adding a salary like Smyth's to the payroll unless they can offload some. Yes, this is the same team that paid Sheldon Souray $4.5 million last year to play in Hershey and the same team that needs roughly $11 million cap dollars just to hit the cap floor. $11 MILLION! Now, granted I'm not sure of the last time Ricky O told Steve what is looking like for next season but this $6.25 million cap hit could really help us.

Oh, and there's that whole "we need veterans" yell from players such as Horcoff, Hall and Eberle. How does Tambellini not put a call in to Lombardi. I mean, unless Lombardi has avoided taking calls from the 780 area code one would have to like to Oilers chances here. I doubt it would take a whole lot to get him from L.A. as well. In all honestly, Smyth would be a salary dump for the Kings so they could add a big name player/offer Doughty the moon.

It just makes sense. Pull the trigger Steve, don't screw it up and sign him to a cheap 2-3 year extension. Let him teach Hall, Eberle, Paajarvi and RNH the 1st overall pick how to work. It won't hurt, trust us. 

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