Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ales Hemsky

Ales Hemsky is a player who can be classified as one of the most polarizing players that is currently on the Oilers roster. There are fans who want to trade Hemsky ASAP, and then there are a group of fans who either want to see Ales sign and extension, or wait and see to assess what the market will dictate in terms of a trade. The common fear amongst both groups of fans is that Hemsky will injure himself seriously, similar to the last two seasons. It is a fear for those who want to trade Hemsky, but for those who would rather keep him, is it really all that bad? Let’s say that Hemsky does want to spend the next few years of his career with the current lineup and not pursue a Cup with another team, what would his value be is with the assumption that he’s 100%? Would he be fine with something similar to what he has now? Would he want something more? Or, would Steve Tambellini package him up with players like Gagner and Omark for example, and land the elite top 2 defenseman that the team has been lacking since the Spring of 2006?

Personally I would like to see Hemsky be an Oiler for the next four years or so, at a contract that is similar to what he has now. Sure he’s not the greatest defensive player on the team but, given the forwards that we do have in that role, he doesn’t need to be. Although this isn’t “his team” anymore, he is still an elite playmaking forward, who given the right line mates *cough*Paajarvi and Gagner *cough* could still be a nice compliment to the trio of young forwards that currently makes up our top line. While Hemsky is hesitant to shoot at times, he does pick the spots when he does shoot well, and makes the most of each opportunity. He’s never going to be a 30 goal scorer, but can still be a 20 goal, 50 or 60 assist player, which is a hell of a player to have on your second line at the right price. 

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