Saturday, June 19, 2010

2010 Oilers Off Season

With it being one week from the draft I figured I would compile a list of things the Oilers must do this off season:
1) DON'T SCREW UP THE DRAFT!!!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough, from 1st overall to the 6th round, we must address team needs and draft accordingly.
2) Send Souray on a one way flight out of town. Get that S.O.B. out of here, he and most of the "veteran  leadership" are cancers in the locker room, they need to go!
3) Get Moreau, Nilsson, O'Sullivan somewhere else but here. These trio of forwards were at the center of frustration for many fans last season (even though Nilsson did show some flashes of talent every 20 games or so). I don't care how this gets done but it needs to be.
4) Sign Gagner and Brule. These are the two RFA forwards that we need to keep long term. Both are young and have tremendous upside. I suppose Potulny could fit in this group as well, although for no more than a year or two.
5) Pick a goalie! Both DD and JDD are RFA's this off season. Both are waiver eligible. Both would not pass through waivers if sent down.  Tambellini needs to pick one of the two, and trade the other.
6) Do something with Andrew Cogliano and Marc Pouliot. These two forwards are either what we have too much of, or completely useless, and both are RFA's so we should try and get something for them before we get low balled on offer sheets.
7) Under no circumstances trade Penner, Smid and Cogliano for Jason Spezza. See the Heatley fiasco last season.
8) Find a top four defenceman. We have a solid top pairing in Gilbert and Whitney, and a solid bottom pairing in what will probably be Strudwick and Peckham we need a 4th guy since neither Strudwick or Peckham is competent right now.

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