Thursday, October 7, 2010

Declaration of War #1- The First Battle of Alberta

Today is it folks, today is the day we have been waiting for since June 25th. Today is finally the day we get to see the magic of Taylor, Jordan and Magnus. Today is the day we remember what Ales can do, see what Sam can do, wonder if Dustin stayed off the wheat and barley based beverages. Today is the dawn of a new era of leadership on the team with Shawn dawning the C for the first time. Today is the day we get to see if Nikolai can regain his form from years past. Today is the day we can see we get excited and see the dawn of hope, promise of a better time, a time where we were top of the world. A time where we won 5 cups in 7 years. The dawn of the new era begins tonight.

Tonight we start the new era against long time rivals the Calgary Flames. Tonight we sit and watch as our young guns start their march to restore greatness in the City of Champions. We have not won a game versus these Flames in a while, why not kick off the new season with a win? Sounds good to me.

According to the Oilers website the lines for tonight are as follows:

Jones-Fraser-Stortini(though I expect Big Mac to be in tonight)



If you are not excited for this game yet, WAKE UP!!!!!! This is it, this is where it begins, we all saw what the Big 3 could do during the pre-season now it's time to see what they can do for real.


Calgary Sucks

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