Sunday, October 3, 2010

Preparation for War #6- We're Almost Ready

Tonight marks the 6th and final game of the Oilers preseason, where they will play the Calgary Flames down at the Pringledome in Cowtown. Tonight will be the final chance for players like Peckham, Omark, Petiot, Giroux, Jones, O'Marra to audition for a spot on the Edmonton Oilers this season. Two of the scratches that strike me as odd for tonight are the scratches of Liam Reddox and Chris Vande Velde. I don't know about anyone else but would it not make sense for say, Vande Velde, to head down to Oklahoma City to join the Barons instead of watching the game from the press box? Maybe I am looking too much into it, but it's defiantly food for thought though.

I wouldn't look too much into the lineups for tonight as it is an assessment game for the 11/12/13th spots on the roster. The lines will look as follows:

Penner - Cogliano - Eberle
Giroux - Gagner - Brule
Omark - Fraser - Jones
MacIntyre - O'Marra - Ondrus

Smid - Peckham
Strudwick - Gilbert
Petiot - Belle


Judging by those defense pairings, it would appear that Petiot won't be on the team. But then again maybe the team wants to see how effective he can be given 3rd pairing ice, who knows? Based on this lineup though I expect nothing less than what we saw on Friday, unless the killer D's stand on their head it should be a long night for Oilers fans.

Little off topic for a second, I would again like to congratulate the Oklahoma City Barons on the first win in team history last night. It may have only been preseason but it's hard not to be happy for the "Baby Oilers" after their come from behind win last night. It sounded like Pitton learned to play sometime before the game last night and my boy Teemu Hartikainen sounded like everything I expected him to be. It will be a fun year not only for us Oilers fans up here, but also for the Barons fans down south.

Go Oilers!!!!!
Go Barons!!!!!

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