Friday, October 1, 2010

Preparation for War #5- The Big 3 Meet The Flames

Tonight is the 5th and almost final stage in the Oilers Preparation for War™ and we can see what sort of line combinations will be used come October 7th. Based on the last couple games it is a safe bet that Hall-Horcoff-Eberle will be one line and that Paajarvi-Gagner-Hemsky will be another line. It is not unreasonable to suggest that Penner-Brule-Cogliano will be line 3, which leaves Fraser, Stortini, Reddox, Vande Velde, Big Mac and apparently O' Marra who for some reason is like a f**king cat, seriously this guy can hardly make the Falcons last year and the Oilers think that he can make the team. Yes I know what he did as a World Junior player but still we have not seen that same player since we acquired him in that trade we had with the New York Islanders but yeah....

The lineups for tonight are as follows:

Paajarvi-Gagner-Hemsky (I'm not sure which of these 2 lines are line 1)
Big Mac-Vande Velde-Stortini


Khabibulin(He gets the whole game)

Newsworthy notes from today include Sheldon Souray cleared waivers(Who saw this coming?) as well with Martin Gerber. Gerber is for sure going down to Oklahoma City, Souray on the other hand, well no one knows where he is going. For those paying attention to the Barons training camp, you will notice that Phillippe Cornet is not there yet. You may be thinking to yourself WTH?!?!?! Well don't fret folks, he is still in Edmonton dealing with immigration paperwork. 

My Score Prediction:
Oilers: 5
Flames: 3


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